Saturday, January 30, 2010




Friday, January 29, 2010

Lupe "I'm Beamin" Live @ the Shrine in Chicago


Tuesday, January 26, 2010

Murder Mook, Lola Monroe, Cory Gunz Freestyle Cypher!


wow always been a fan of mook... he said " i told the heavy metal never let the punk rock" and "im goin over the hook like a coat in the closet" HOT...



LMAO!!! weezy is a clown like the whole young money crew just b clownin check this video out tho see how the zoo gona b livin soon...

New beat for all of our Jewish fans out there


I was just messing around and came up with a "Hava Nagila" remix influenced by my roommate Drew Kotler. New banger for all the bar mitzvahs and bat mitzvahs out there. Lol check it out!


Sunday, January 24, 2010

Wiz in studio... again


Wiz clownin around makin up a song on the spot. Song comes out kinda hot lol on the juelz beat. Wish we had some footage of us doin the same shit lol... damn we'll get em up soon.

Saturday, January 23, 2010

Wiz Khalifa!!!


WOWWWWW... this beat/song is soo hot I've had it on repeat for like 15 minutes. It's CRAZY!!!! Check out the video of Wiz in studio. Shout out to Wiz in concert in Columbus last night too!

Kanye West- What It Is (Unreleased Demo)

Hot New Kanye song unreleased! Check it out!

Mike Posner

Puma Presents: Mike Posner “One Foot Out The Door” Episode 7: New York State of Mike from Mike Posner on Vimeo.


New Mike Posner Webisode... check out the previous at

Drake Blackberry Spoofs

The original Affion Crockett spoof lmao.



Tuesday, January 19, 2010


"Are We There Yet?"
Link Here:

Monday, January 18, 2010

Converse Poorman Weapons

New Converses lol damn they go hard! Only $60 each too!

Christian Releases A Song Going In On Jay-Z, Beyonce & Rihanna! (Tired Of Seeing Hov Disrespecting Jesus) & The man Can Spit


A yo I'm not saying Jay IS but I'm not saying Jay ISNT... but this guy "Christian" exposes jay-z in this video and song... so iiiiiidk what do yall think? I know I love Jesus Christ hes my lord and savior and the reason I'm blessed with all I have. So when we get big I don't want no one questioning me about my beliefs quote me.


Mos Def “History” (feat. Talib Kweli) Video


OK real hiphop 4 ya...

Diddy (Feat. Rick Ross) - Dirty Money - Angels Remix


BOSS! this video is hot cant wait 2 live that life...

Behind The Scenes Video Shoot For Juelz Santana Feat. Lil Wayne - Homerun


Man im sayin I CANT FEEL MY FACE! needs 2 drop like right now. But first i need a feature on it ya diiiig.

Beats by Dr. Dre – Diddy Beats and Lady Gaga x (red)

A yo act like them joints dont go so hard the red ones are super tuff. might just have 2 get em just cuz. Shout out 2 lady Gaga for the idea of the red ones 2 its for the fight for AIDS.

Hot New Drake Songs
"My New Shit"
"Where Were You"

Sunday, January 17, 2010

Lil Flip Tribute to Haiti

Feel It In The Air- Lil Flip (Tribute to Haiti)

DO Your Part
The following organizations are accepting SMS donations in the US only:
SMS text “HAITI” to 90999 to donate $10 to Red Cross relief efforts
SMS text “YELE” to 501501 to Donate $5 to Yele Haiti’s Earthquake Relief efforts
SMS text "GIVE10" to 20222 to donate $10 to Direct Relief

Devin the dude and Asher in studio


The sample they use for this song is crazy! I've been waiting to hear the song drop for bout a year now!



I can't stop listening to this track. Old school Outkast... wow. Andre 3000 just comes out so hard.

Saturday, January 16, 2010

New Pics

Finally got the pics we did at AK's. They looked real good. I just downloaded a new software program called Gimp for free, and added some effects to look good. Here's a few examples check em out and let us know what you think!


Clips From Gemstones' Show


Thursday, January 14, 2010

The Similarities

(Photo Courtesy of $k0t Productions)

Sir Jaxx and Killa Cam on the same Photo operation


Weezy in Studio.... whad he just say?


Nevermind the chick in the beginning of the video... but we got an inside access to Lil Wayne in the studio from the Carter Documentary. Weezy's a great artist and all and I have mad respect for his shit. But what I wanna kno... is who is the dude that after lil wayne lays his tracks down for his autotune shit... who's the guy that is like "yo wayne that shit's hot." I mean who gave him the idea that him "trying" to sing or whatever he does, and throw autotune on top of it was hot. Lol I respect his hard work and all the songs he's putting out, but watching him record one of his "autotune" verses to me is hilarious. Like whad he just say?


Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Return of Gemstones


My dude Gemstones from FnF and Lupe's gang is back in the game. Me and B-Holla ran into him this past summer at Taste of Chicago and he was still pushin his mixtape. Pretty clownin story; Me, Gemstones, and B freestylin together downtown chi as some drunk 40 year old dad overhears us and wants us to "burn" his kids. He was sayin he'll give ten bucks to whoever has the best freestyle rippin his kids that are like from 9-16 years old. We all looked at eachother like whattt "you go first.... nah u go!" These were kids lmao! So we're like man ur the signed artist here (Gemstones) u set it off! So Gemstones did his thing then had to run off cuz it was rainin and he had his bike to get on. Me and B ripped what we could off the top and it was some funny shit so the dad gave both of us 10 bucks, and his card for parties and what not. We looked at the card the next day and it was some "Angelo's Auto Repair" or somethin....

But couldn't complain we got to kick it with Gem,

DJ Drama and KILLA! Boss of all Bosses 2 mixtape

A yo I dont care wut anyone says killa one of my faveorit rappers... thass real talk DIPSET 4 LIFE! <<<< click 2 get it

Leonel's Furniture

A yo they got that exclusive at leonels i will have them hook up one of my cribs when we make it ya diiig Holla at them tho in New Orleans.

U tryna play Xbox w/o controllers?

Damn they comin out with new technology that just reads hand gestures. Kinda mad I got a wii when they comin out with this...



Creative huh?

Mos Def in studio!!


New video of my one of my favorite artists in studio, Mos Def. Pretty hot check it out.


got 2 have the new lui V backpack this summer

Im sayin the black one prolly... but the tan one is tuff 2!

Monday, January 11, 2010

WOW Columbus is Killllin it!

This mixtape by P.Blackk just dropped today and WOW it's hot. This dude is from Columbus and this tape is fire no lie. Features Fly U on a couple tracks. CHECK IT OUT now! Gotta support ur local artists!

Download here

You Might See Me Rockin This in 2010

Just got on dat new new 2010. Fresh new fashion that u might see me wearin in '10. I'm not sure how much these run... but I'm gonna be diggin in my pockets to grab this latest fashion. Fresh on campus.

"Who plays with colors like this?"

I Think Ima Start Ballin'


If I'm really gonna make it in the hip-hop industry I think it would be wise of me to learn how to play ball. I've been workin on my jumpshot and post moves at the gym but I think it's my ball handling that will take me to the next level. Luckily I found the right video to help me out on Youtube. Check it out and your skills are basically guaranteed to improve.


Fly Union and Big Sean Video for "Poed Up"


Pretty hot new video for Fly U and Big Sean shot in Cleveland. Not mad Ohio gettin back on the map. And they're straight sipping at like 1 in the afternoon. Cash me out.


Sunday, January 10, 2010

New ARTIST Spotlight

Now I know this mixtape is old (and by that I mean came out this summer) but when I first heard it I didnt give it the attention it deserved. J.Cole is definately up and coming. Check out his latest mixtape "The Warm Up." I been bumpin this a lot lately and i think yall should give it a listen.

Download Here

Don't Put Vodka in Water Bottles

In completely unrelated news, after eating, I felt the need to quench my thirst with some nice, cold bottled water. However, you can probably guess what happened next after my roommate failed in his attempt to re-label the bottle.

Cuffin' by Cam'ron ft. Gucci!

LMAO New Killa and Gucci... that's already gotta be a clownin track.
"Don't call me pumpkin... we was only humpin/
you are a dump-off, me I get it jumpin!" LOL Killaaa

The New Really Doe's

These would go soo hard up here at NU with the purple and the Chi skyline. Might have to look into it huh.

Tight video of Lupe before he blew up


Saturday, January 9, 2010

Mike Posner in Columbus

SO apparently Mike Posner was in Columbus last night. I saw/met him last spring when he came and performed at Northwestern, but I get on facebook this morning and Mikey P's status had this picture up. MTuck and my boy Aussie just chillin there like nothin. Had me rollllin this morning when I first saw it. Hahaha good shit tuck

Drake- Zone (Produced by J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League)

Drizzy goes hard on this one.

Myspace gettin Plays for Days

So with our latest songs being played on the page, and a little more exposure, our plays per day on the myspace have been hittin 500! A lot more new songs to come. We got a mixtape droppin REAL soon I promise, we're just waiting for our photos and a few touch ups on songs here and there. BUT it's gonna hit and we'll make sure all of you can download it for FREE. CD's will also be passed around. SO keep tuning in and keep listening to what we got streaming.
Holla Hollaaa,

New Blog

Just got the site up and running. Tell all your friends and we can get rollin!