Tuesday, January 12, 2010

Return of Gemstones


My dude Gemstones from FnF and Lupe's gang is back in the game. Me and B-Holla ran into him this past summer at Taste of Chicago and he was still pushin his mixtape. Pretty clownin story; Me, Gemstones, and B freestylin together downtown chi as some drunk 40 year old dad overhears us and wants us to "burn" his kids. He was sayin he'll give ten bucks to whoever has the best freestyle rippin his kids that are like from 9-16 years old. We all looked at eachother like whattt "you go first.... nah u go!" These were kids lmao! So we're like man ur the signed artist here (Gemstones) u set it off! So Gemstones did his thing then had to run off cuz it was rainin and he had his bike to get on. Me and B ripped what we could off the top and it was some funny shit so the dad gave both of us 10 bucks, and his card for parties and what not. We looked at the card the next day and it was some "Angelo's Auto Repair" or somethin....

But couldn't complain we got to kick it with Gem,

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