Friday, June 11, 2010

C-Zoo Show Review... Chip addition

Next up: C-Zoo. Now, this was my first time seeing them live. Many of you know that B Graves is also a DJ w/ me @ WWSU & he has been trying to get me to come see them for some time. B. Jaxx, Yung Fame & B. Grave(B. Holla) we’re there… P. Holla unfortunately couldn’t make it :(. I stood in the middle of the crowd, drink in hand && vibed out. Seriously ya’ll, they were great! One thing that I think is so important is the usage of live instruments… They had a drummer (#shoutouts to Juan!). I think so many people now-a-days forget that live music completely enhances your sound.. these guys get that. They performed about 5 songs but the most memorable to me is “Quiet Storm”. Quiet Storm is an ode to the ladies, which also features Ryan Notes, an artist from the CO as well. This is the perfect song to hear live… B. Jaxx sings on the song, Yung Fame && B. Graves added their own flavor to it while Juan went in on the drums… The recipe for perfection in my book… I highly suggest that you follow these men, they are destined for greatness!

Shouts out to @JustdayaBee for the love on the review and the whole double o crew check them out every day at...

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